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What's in a Football Scouting Report?

Learn what's in a scouting report in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, college coaches use a scouting report on every player that's in their database. And when I say their database, that's their recruiting list, right? That recruiting board you see in the war room. That comes off their computer from their database and in that computer is the scouting report.

Now, every college coach has a scouting report and they talk about your height and your weight and how fast you are. Your 40 and your shuttle and your vertical jump and your standing long jump, all those measurables, right? Arm length is important. Hand size is important. The athleticism. Everything about you as a football player is in that scouting report.

The other things that are in that scouting report, guys, is your academic records. Your grades, your test scores, what kind of character are you? They're making notes about you all the time about what they saw on your Facebook page, alright? Understand that. When you make a phone call and talk to a coach, that's going into your scouting report.

You know, and in those scouting reports, sometimes the coaches already have the height and weight and speed and strength, that bench press or whatever that they're looking for in that position that you might play, right? So you're a tight end and they want 6'3" at the shortest or 6'2" at the shortest and 240 pounds. All of those things are in that scouting report so that I, as the head coach or the recruiting coordinator or the coach that's going to look at you as a position coach, can go to that scouting report, see if you fit what we want, if you have the right character, the right grades, all that academic stuff. Are the right fit for us?

That's what the scouting report is. And we use it- it's not just something that we do as an exercise. It is something we use and we live by it, guys.

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