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How to Track Your Individual Football Stats

Learn how to track your individual football game stats in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, a lot of college coaches these days really don't worry that much about the football stats, your game stats. They are important. And it's important that you have them as a part of your profile, that they get on the scouting report of the college coach. Okay? But don't live and die by them.

Now, it's important that you rush for 2,000 yards. It's important that you completed, you know, 70 percent of your passes. It's important that you had eight interceptions, you know. So those things are important. Productivity is important. But trust me, don't live and die by it.

Now, tracking it, your coach should do it for you. Maybe your family has to do it. In high school, unlike college and higher levels, they all have somebody that's doing that as a living. At your level, right, have somebody do it. Make sure that it's accurate. Use your coach. Sometimes the media does it. Have accurate statistics for college coaches to look at.

You what? And it's great for you down the road. You're going to be able to tell your wife or your girlfriend, "I rushed for 2,000 yards when I was at whatever high school and led the state." Right? Whatever it takes to get a date.

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