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What Are the Best Football Colleges?

Learn about the best football colleges in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, everyone thinks of the best football colleges and they automatically think of the LSU's and the Alabama's and the Michigan's and Notre Dame and USC. Those are probably the biggest names. But understand this; Williams College is one of the best football colleges in America. Duke is one of the best football colleges.

When you think of colleges, think of the overall picture. Academics, right? Graduation rights. Do you fit that school? Not just, is this team have a chance to win the National Championship? Because you can see those guys on TV. You can see those guys in the rankings every weekend and a lot of them are the same. You know, now a TCU will jump up and a Boise State and some of these other schools will jump.

So being the best actual football-on-the-field school is great, but the best fit for you as a football player may be that other football school. That Williams, right? That Grand Valley State. That Fort, Mount Union, right? All the different schools that you can name may be the best football school for you. So be sure that you're picking the right school for you and now that they've got the playoff system, we'll get a chance to see who the best is in a little better format than there was before by just having the polls.

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