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How to Contact College Football Coaches

Learn how to contact college football coaches in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


As a football prospect, and understand this, you are a football prospect until coaches start contacting you. That's when you are a recruit. There's a difference between prospect and recruit.

How do I go about contacting these coaches? How do I get my information there? You've got to get your stuff online. I'm going to say it over and over again: Video is king. Make sure you have a great video to get it to those college coaches. Be active. Start early. Eighth grade, freshman, sophomore year. Start contacting college coaches. Get their email address. If you could get their cell phone, good luck.

Call and ask for a specific coach directly. Email a specific coach directly. If you send information into a football office, just a generic football office at Mount Union, it's going to sit on a floor, stay in the spam or wherever else it's going to be, and it's not going to be looked at, folks, is what I'm trying to say. Unsolicited information to any college, at any level, is just going to sit there. You have to know who you're contacting, get it to that specific coach, be precise, follow up, and do the best you can to talk to someone in person.

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