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What States Have the Most College Football Recruits?

Learn which states are popular with football scouts in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, the best areas for college coaches to recruit, it's really in the southeast. Florida, Georgia is unbelievable. Texas is a great place for college coaches to recruit. California is a great place for college coaches to recruit. And you don't always have to be at the biggest school, either. Right? The most important thing is if you're in one of those areas where college coaches flock to, great. But you may be at a small school. You may be at a school that doesn't win. Make sure you're active. Get your information to college coaches so they'll come see you.

So it doesn't really matter if you're at De La Sal [sp ?]. Right? Or a smaller school in the area. And whatever De La Sal and whatever state, I guess it doesn't matter, make sure that you're active enough to get the college coaches to come see you. That is the key. So you don't always have to be at Mt. Carmal [sp ?] in Chicago, or some of these great football powers. Long Beach Powey [sp ?] in California. What's important is that you play hard, you're a great student. Let coaches know you're there so they can come see you. Okay?

Now, if you are at one of those big schools, more coaches come in obviously. Right? So you, as the prospect, have to make sure you become a recruit. And we know that there is a difference, right? Prospect is just you old enough, and a recruit is you that college coaches know about. Okay? So if you live in Florida and Georgia, that's the best, I'd go recruit there. That's the best place for me. Texas is great. California is great. Ohio is great. Pennsylvania is great. Illinois is great. Hawaii is great. Right? You have to make sure coaches recruit you.

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