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What Is the Contact Period for Football Recruiting?

Learn what the contact period is and what's allowed during that time in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You've got to understand the rules that the NCAA has the college coaches living by.

There's a contact period. What that means is that's when the college coach can leave their campus, come to your high school, and talk to you directly face-to-face. Or, they can come to your house, visit with your parents, sit down, and have a chat face-to-face. Go to a restaurant and meet face-to-face.

Contact periods are the time when college coaches can leave their campus and get to know you. It's like on some of those shows like The Bachelor, where they can go and they work their way up to the home visit. The home visit is a contact. Put it into little contacts for some of you moms and dads out there.

Understand that the contact period is important because that is the time where you then get to see that coach face-to-face, too. It's not just that coach seeing you and getting to know you. You have to build a relationship with him. Get to know him. Get him in your environment.

That's what the contact period does.

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