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What Is the Evaluation Period in Football Recruiting?

Learn what the evaluation period is & what's allowed during that time in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, guys, the evaluation period for you as an athlete may be one of the most important parts of the whole recruiting process. Because what the evaluation period does the NCAA sets up certain numbers of times that a college coach can evaluate you in the Fall and also in the Spring, right. And the college coaches are going to evaluate several things.

One, academics, right, because you cannot play college football one hundred percent of the time if you are not a good student, right. It can knock you out of that opportunity. Character, kind of the same thing. Watch your Facebook pages, man, your character is being evaluated by college coaches, right. And then your talent. And so the evaluation period is when the college coach comes to your high school, watches you in practice, picks up your transcript, evaluates that. They have an opportunity if run track or play baseball they are going to go evaluate you there too if you are a football player. And trust me, guys, coaches love two sport athletes.

Understand athlete is the key, plus you take coaching better. So the evaluation process starts in the Spring for Juniors, and different times depending on the level of division three and two and all that stuff. NAI is much different. And then again in the Fall. College coaches are evaluating you off campus. Now don't forget this, you are being evaluated every day, whether it's the evaluation period or not. That's just the day they can leave their campus and come see you.

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