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What Is the Quiet Period in College Football Recruiting?

Learn what the quiet period is and what's allowed during that time in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


Okay, so the NCAA has all these different periods. Dead period, evaluation period, right? Contact period.

Well there's also a quiet period, right? And it's kind of what it means. It's a little less than the contact period and the evaluation period, but more than the dead period. Got it? Pretty simple? Now, the quiet period is pretty much the longest period of time in the NCAA rules. And what the quiet period does, the college coaches cannot leave campus, okay? But you can visit their campus. The quiet period is a time where we can make phone calls and sometimes it's once a week phone calls and sometimes it's almost everyday phone calls, or everyday phone calls, right? So the quiet period has a wide range during the year and allows coaches to be a little bit more active in the recruiting process.

What happens is, they do a lot of their work from their desks, right? During that quiet period. They're also working with their own players on their own campus during a lot of that quiet period. So it is a very, very important information gathering period for college coaches, it's a very important time at times for them to be making phone calls from their office to college prospects, and it is a time for them to deal with their own players in a lot of ways - academically, on the field, and off the field.

Now, the evaluation periods really start after signing day, right? And they go through most of that time period until Spring evaluation period starts, and then it becomes quiet again after May 31st, that Spring evaluation period, and then it goes into, through August into September, when the Fall evaluations come up, okay?

Quiet period is an opportunity for coaches to be in their office working. Now, what that does for you, is you know they're in their office working. Great time to make your phone calls to that coach. Great time to send your e-mail to that coach, right? Great time to go visit the school. Those unofficial visits, that quiet period, is a great time for you to make those unofficial visits.

Know the process, know when these periods happen, and use them to your advantage, right?

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