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How Freshmen & Sophomores Can Prepare for College Football

Learn how to start preparing for college football in your freshman and sophomore year of high school in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


Listen folks. The recruiting process starts really, really early. Okay? At MCSA we say that the recruiting process started yesterday, meaning you can never start too early. I have a list of the top sixth graders already started. Alright? That's 2018. Think about that. College coaches are developing lists of prospects as early as they possibly can, so that they can track and decide if they want to make them recruits.

Because there's a difference between a prospect and a recruit. Prospect is someone who is old enough to be recruited. Right? And a recruit is someone who is being contacted by the colleges. Now, if you are in sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade, you're not either of those yet. But now the MCA is just about to make you one of those. Because in basketball, when you finish sixth grade, you now become a prospect. And coaches can then, college basketball coaches can start sending you information on camps on different things. Understand the recruiting process. Understand how fast it is. And you know what? Your job is to prepare to be a college recruit. Not a college prospect. Academics. Be a great ninth grade student. Character. A person of character is being, is really important. We call it being an athleter.

An athleter is you empowering leaders through sports. Use your sport to get ahead and give back, and then your talent. Be flexible. Work on flexibility, strength, speed. All those things that are going to make you a great recruit.

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