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How HS Juniors & Seniors Can Prep for College Football

Learn how to start preparing for college football in your junior and senior year of high school in this video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.



These days, for Juniors and Seniors, it's late in the recruiting process. If you are just getting started in the recruiting process you are way behind. College coaches have an urgency. College coaches have been looking at 8th Graders. When I was at UCLA we offered an 8th Grader a scholarship. Think about that as a Junior and Senior. You better get your butt moving.

Now if you're not being contacted by Division I programs at that time, you may not be a Division I player. And that's important to know. Having a college coach say no is many times better than having a coach say maybe. Right? So you know where you stand. As a Junior and a Senior, you want to know no and yes, not maybe. Right?

Understand where you are. Understand there's an urgency. And if you have not had contact with college coaches you've got to get busy. Know which coach to send your information to. If it's a Division II or III school, or a Division I school. And again, for Division I, you'd be considered a sleeper at that time. Or maybe you were injured.

Right now in the recruiting process for Division I, for that Senior class, is about 90% over. Right? By camp season, by June, it's about 90% over. So understand how the recruiting process work, how fast it's going as a Junior and Senior. Really, really be active. Have an urgency, and get yourself to find the right school, the best fit.

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