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What Should Parents Know about College Football?

Learn what parents need to know about the college football scouting process in this video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


Parents are really, really important in the recruiting process. But know this: the college coaches really aren't recruiting the parent. The college coaches are recruiting the athlete. The parents' role is really as an advisor.

Young people these days are much more sheltered some times and other ways not. But in the recruiting process, and maybe even talking to adults, and knowing what an adult or a coach says and means when they say and do things, that's the parents' job to help out.

As a parent you've got to understand that the best fit for your son is going to have him be the best college athlete that he can be. It's not what you think he is. I always talk about parents wearing rose colored glasses or love glasses, where you see your son - and rightfully so - as the greatest player that's ever played the game. That does not make him a Division I player or a Division II player. Help your son understand the reality of where they can play at the next level as well.

Now, when a college coach is in conversation with your son be there and be available, and maybe be in the room. Help your son create a script of questions they need to ask. Be involved in the recruiting process, but not overly involved. Don't be overbearing in the recruiting process.

One of the greatest things I could tell you about how college coaches evaluate an athlete and their parents. One day I'm sitting in a staff meeting in the war room and we're talking about a young man. Our head coach says, we don't want to recruit him because I don't want his father around. His father is too much to put up with.

Really great lessons to learn. Be an advisor. Be a support system, like you always are. Understand that the college coach will recruit your son until it's time to recruit you, and let them make that decision.

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