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What Are the Odds of Playing College Football?

Learn how to be realistic about your child's ability and his chance of playing college football in this video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, parents, it's really, really important that you are more realistic than
even your son. Because you can help your son understand. Let your son
compete and go for the top bar, that to ring. All right? As a parent, help
your son understand that that may be division two football, that top ring
or that top of the mountain. Okay? Reality as a parent is one of the most
difficult I, as a college coach, have had to deal with in that you put your
son, yourself and us in a position where it's uncomfortable and it wastes

It wastes our time and it wastes, especially, your time. Make sure that you
have your son evaluated by a third party. That's really, really important.
Have a third party evaluate your son so you know what level it is. Take
your love glasses off for a minute. Those love glasses where you want to
say that my 5'10" son is gonna be playing at UCLA or Notre Dame or Ohio
State as an offensive lineman. Well, it's just not gonna happen. Right?

Reality is so important. I remember back in the day, we were in a staff
meeting room and we eliminated a player because we didn't want to deal with
his dad. Now, think about that. That young man might've missed a chance to
live his dream if we were the dream school.

Be realistic. Help your son with reality, but make him reach for that ring that he can get to and always compete for it and I think it's gonna work out for you and the coaching staff, the team, and everybody and your son.

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