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High School Coaches & College Recruitment

Learn what role your high school coach plays in your being recruited for college football in this video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


Folks, don't blame your coach, alright? That's really an important concept. Don't blame your coach. It's not your high school coach's job to get you a scholarship, or to even get you on a roster. Who's job is it? Yours as the family, as the athlete, and the parents, and that support system around that young athlete. It's your job.

Now, think about that high school coach, right? First of all, some coaches are really good at it - helping the athletes, right? And some are terrible at it. Some don't want to do it and some do want to do it, but there's no athletic director in America that puts it in their job description that that head coach has to get you on that team.

Please understand that. It's gonna help you get through the recruiting process and have a relationship with that coach. The best thing that you can do is communicate with that high school coach. Especially younger athletes. As a freshman, go in and meet the coach. "Coach, I want to play college football. What can you do to help? What do you do to help?" You know, some school have terrible budgets and can't afford to make all the duplicates or have that link or buy the certain video editing equipment or software that they need to be able to send videos out for you, or out to college coaches for you, you know? Their time, too, is at play. They're married, or they, you know, have children of their own, or they teach, they coach other sports.

Understand the role of the high school coach and it is not to get your son recruited. That is your job, but they can be a great advocate. Communicate with them, no matter what age you are. And if you have a problem with your high school coach, you have been all upset standing outside the fence because they can't throw the ball to your son. You're son's always open, right? Or they're running the wrong offense or the wrong defense or the play calling, right? And you know the coach hears all that stuff, right? He hears you talking to the next guy, who talks to the next guy.

Understand the coach has got a tough job, they gotta win, they gotta make boys turn into men. And that's their job. Recruiting is up to you.

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