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What Is a Third Party Recruiter in College Football?

Learn what the role of a third party recruiter is in the college football scouting process in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


You know there is an important concept you should have for yourself and your son or you as an athlete which is make it easy for college coaches to recruit you. The best way to do that is to work with a third party.

Get your information to a third party so they can get it to college coaches, because college coaches rely on the third party. When I was at UCLA, different schools we'd spend $50-75,000 a year buying third party information so you got to know how important that is to us. We'd get everything from your address, your transcripts, all the different things that told us about you, your 40 times an evaluation of you. The third party is going to help you get recruited and you have to understand it. Use it. Find somebody to evaluate you, to get your information on line, to put together a great video for you, edit it, get it to the college coaches.

Somebody who knows what they’re doing and college coaches trust. It is a very important concept. Make it easy for college coaches to recruit you and you use the third party to do it. NCSA Athletic Recruiting is where I am and I evaluate players for college coaches. I'm one of that third party and can help you.

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