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How Do College Football Coaches Evaluate Online Activity?

Learn how college coaches will evaluate your social media activity in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, one of the best avenues you can take to get yourself recruited is to be online. Use the internet. Right? College approach, college coaches recruit online. Y'know one day I was talking to a running back coach from the University of Illinois, and he said, "You know the great thing about the internet, is I can sit in my office, hit a couple of buttons, and pull up the top running backs in the country." You have got to be on that list as one of those top running backs. Right? Get your information online so college coaches can find you. Make it easy for college coaches to recruit you, by getting your stuff online on the internet. Simple, right? It's the fastest, easiest way we have to get our information, and good information to college coaches.

Get a great video together. And have a link, so that college coach can get to it. Put yourself out there so that people see you, like me, who evaluate players. Or you're at a combine, and you get a forty time. And get that information online, on the internet. Okay? College coaches recruit online. It's very, very important. It'll be one of the ways that you can help yourself get recruited. Now, there are a few things. There are some downsides to the internet that we know about. First, Facebook is not a recruiting site. College coaches use Facebook to determine your character, folks. They're going to read even your seventh, eighth grade, ninth grade, they're going to start looking at your Facebook pages to see who you hang out with. It's almost like, who do you, don't hang around with the wrong crowd. Right? On the street. Well, don't hang around with the wrong crowd on Facebook. Cause we're looking at who you are friends with, who you, uh, send messages to, what groups you belong to. Right? The other thing is Youtube. Great. Love Youtube.

It is not a recruiting site. There are millions of videos on Youtube. No college coach is going to search for players on Youtube. They need to be directed to Youtube. How do you do that? You send them a link. On the internet. Right? Use the internet. It's where college coaches recruit.

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