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How Do College Coaches Look at a Player's Measurables?

Learn how college football coaches look at a high school football player's measurables in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


There's a term that we use in college football. It's called measurables. I don't even think it's an actual real word. My spellcheck throws it out all the time. But, it is real for us college coaches.

What we do is we take your height, weight, your vertical, your shuttle, your 40 time, your standing broad jump, and if we can get arm length, right, those are measurables. What it does for us is it gives us an indication of your ability to play at our level. We're not going to take a 5'10 quarterback, rarely, to play at the highest level. Quarterbacks need to be 6'1, 6'2, 6'3 depending on all the other measurables, arm strength, feet, quickness, how fast do they get into their drop, and set and throw. Their timing is a measurable.

We use measurables to help us in conjunction with videotape and your transcripts to determine if you're a prospect. It can eliminate you in a heartbeat if your measurables are not what we're looking for. So, when I'm going to a camp or a combine, and combines really are where measurables are taken. Camps are football specific drills.

Combines are testing, height, weight, vertical. Those numbers that you get from there better be great, or don't go. Let me tell you this. You go to a combine and you run a bad 40 or shuttle, and you take that number and don't put it in there, the college coach assumes you didn't run very well.

So, be ready when you go, and know how important measurables are to college coaches. Because we can't measure heart, but we can see heart. Your football play on the field is what we can see on tape. But we need to know you can run and jump and explode. Measurables are key.

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