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Should High School Players Have Highlight Reels?

Learn if high school football players should have highlight reels of their games in this college recruiting Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


Let me say this. Video is king. What that means, is that college football coaches live on your video. We make decisions on whether you can play for us or not in about five plays on your highlight video. Video is king.

What's not great for you but is great for us is eliminating players by watching their highlight tape is good for us, because we want to narrow our search. We want to have a list that's nice and small that we can recruit from. Video is king.

If you send a highlight video to a college coach, you have to know the most important thing is that the only reason the college coach watches it, is to decide to watch more. That means game tape.

Then they're going to decide if they want to see you in person. The video tape that you send to that specific college coach or give to that third party that's going to go to those coaches better be great and professional. You better be outlined there, arrow shadow boxes.

They better know where you are because coaches are impatient too. They wont watch the video if it takes them to long to find it. If you send unsolicited video to a college coach meaning just to the football office, it will never be watched. Video is king.

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