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What Is College Football Camp?

Learn about college football camp in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


Now understand this about camps. Right? You have combines, which is testing, the measurables. And then camps.

Camps are football specific. That's really important. Now there are camps run by third parties, and there are camps run by college coaches. The camp for the college coach, there's two different kinds. And it's really important to know the difference. The overnight camp that college coaches run are primarily for one reason. To make money for the assistant coaches. Not a lot of players are found at those camps. Okay? So if you're going to an overnight camp at a college campus, if you're not one of their top prospects, okay, if they don't know who you are, it's really probably not going to help you get recruited. Or get discovered. So go there for the experience. Right? Learn things, be coached, get on the campus. Alright? If you know that that coach knows who you are, and is going to evaluate you, then go to the overnight camp. Right? Or you can go to a part of the overnight camp, and the coaches will prorate the amount for you. Because they want to see you if you're a prospect.

Now the other camp is a one day camp that college coaches run. That one day camp is an evaluation camp. That's the camp they're going to recruit you at. Alright? They're called developmental, or elite, or all these different kind of camps that these college coaches run. Or lineman camps, big man camps, skill camps, whatever they might be. Those are for evaluation. They're cheaper. They're one day. College coaches are looking at everybody to evaluate them.

Know the difference. Camps at colleges are important. Know which one you're going to. Okay? Don't go to an overnight and think you're going to be evaluated. Go to the one days.

And know this. If you go to a division one school's camp, there will be other divisions' coaches there. Okay? Use that to be recruited.

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