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How to Protect Your Head in High School Football

Learn how serious a head injury can be and the importance of wearing a helmet in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, one of the big issues, one of the big issues that in high school sports, as well as college in pro, are head injuries. And part of it I think is because there's so much information on the Internet, and all the different avenues that of media, that can talk about this things.

Head injuries have been going on forever. So I don't know if it's a, it's not an overreaction. It's a reaction to knowing more about it. But I will tell you this. The helmets that football players are using these days are so far and so much better than they were in the old days, back in my days. And don't make a joke about leather helmets. But it, they are.

And so I think that we have to understand is A we have to trust our doctors. We have to have great doctors involved in the high school level. So we know the difference between a real head injury that we should be concerned about, and getting your bell rung like we used to call it. Alright? And so we've all been hit in the head, and we've all had concussions, or those kind of things.

Now, here's my thing that I would like to see happen. And I think our administrators and people that run our sports take time away from us, to save, for other reasons, or just to not have us on the field as long. But what happens is, we take away the time our coaches used to spend teaching us how to tackle and hit. Our players, even in the NFL, have their heads down. To me, that's as big a problem for head injuries as the speed, and the helmets, and all the other stuff combined. Teach our kids how to tackle, how to block, how to hit. Those things will help us save ourselves from all the head injuries.

So there is a problem, but there are fixes for it. Be careful, obviously. It's a tough thing for an athlete. But let's see if we can get a common ground with our doctors, and our coaches, and our administration. So that we can teach the kids to be better players, better tacklers, so that we have less head injuries.

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