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What Are the Rudy Awards in College Football?

Learn what the Rudy Awards are in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


The college coaches love effort and guys that compete and never give up. They talk about motor, right, they talk about playing with your hair on fire. They talk about having that goal and never ever quitting on it, right.

And so Rudy was a young guy, actually from Joliet Catholic or Joliet out in the suburbs of Chicago, and he had a dream of playing in Notre Dame. And he was never going to give up until he got that opportunity, and he saw the movie and got in for a play or two or whatever it was. But the point about Rudy, and they have awards in his name, the point about Rudy is really the never giving up part. And in football, that effort, that playing with your hair on fire, that motor, that never quitting, will get you to a higher level than you would ever think. College coaches love those players who will never ever stop. Go to the whistle, go to the echo of the whistle.

Right, compete, never give up, live up to that Rudy type of an attitude, never quit, always compete. That is a Pete Carol thing, always compete, right, and that is what will get you close to winning a Rudy award or any of the awards for that we leadership and all the different awards that you can get for being that great. A competitor and football player and effort guy, love those guys.

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