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7 Qualities College Recruiters Want in a Wide Receiver

Learn the seven qualities college football recruiters look for in a high school wide receiver in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


One of the glamour positions in football is wide receiver. The reason is because they're so dang important, and they're the ones that make the big players. The NFL is a big play league, right? They're the ones that get all the attention. (?) College, a big place but because of the spread offense and all the different offenses now that can get the ball in space to a great, wide receiver.

Now, what I'm going to look for in a wide receiver is that ability to get off the line, have an explosive first step, second step. A defensive back is not able to grab you. You cannot be held up at the offense or at the line of scrimmage. That DB is trying to re-direct you, re-rout you. You have to be, as a wide receiver, that special athlete with great speed, or good enough speed and great rout running, and great strength. You have to be able to block, and you have to be able to compete every play, through the whole play.

I've seen way too many wide receivers, the play goes away. I've seen them rout where the play just came off tackle, and they make their first couple of steps and stop. Do you know who makes all the key blocks that spring from the touchdown, on those safety's? It's the wide receiver. Get down across the field. Don't ever let a college coach watch you slow down, or walk, when the play goes away.

And blocking -- college coaches have got to see you be able to block the defensive back, to spring the running back coming behind you, or make a play so that the play can get 10 or 15 more yards. Those are the things that college coaches are going to see.

Catching the ball with your hands - none of this body catching, right? Get those hands out there, and catch it in your hands. Work on your hands, guys. There's a great drill with tennis balls, bouncing off the wall, with somebody behind you throwing them against the wall, to work on your action and your catching ability.

Important stuff for a wide receiver, right? Run great routs. Get open. You don't have to be the fastest or most athletic, or have the best towel. You have to get open. Stick your foot in the ground, change direction. Get separation, so that the DB who also can run, who is also quick, can't cover you. Then attack the football, man. Have ball skills. Know where the ball is, go get it. High point the ball. Catch with your hands. Do not allow the ball to come to you. Go get it.

Those are things that wide receivers have to do, to stand out to college coaches, right? Good luck, men.

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