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6 Qualities College Recruiters Want in an Offensive Lineman

Learn six qualities college football recruiters look for in a high school offensive line in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, being an old lineman myself, offensive lineman, this is kind of, this is at my heart, man. Right? Knowing how to be a great offensive lineman. And you know tackles, guards, and centers. And they're really different. They're different positions.

But the key is, to me, to play offensive line, it really, first, is flexibility. Can you bend your knees. Right? And know the difference between a knee bender and a waist bender, guys? A knee bender can play the game. They're flexible. Have great feet. Work on your feet. Work on the ability to kick, step, to slide. Right? To be able to move your feet to stay in front of the defensive player between, you got to stay between him and the quarterback. Right? Have great feet.

Then you have to be tough. I want toughness in my lineman. I want a lineman who are going to go down and bite, and kick, and scratch to make the block, to break the run. To get that running back free. To save the quarterback from being sacked. You know? That offensive tackle better be a big, athletic guy. Have the ability to take those edge rushers one on one. Have great arm length, great strength in their arms, and great feet knee bend. Those guards got to be able to pull. Can you get your hips open, and your knee and ankle open, and pull and track.And the center better be an athlete. Smart athletes.

The offensive line is all about feet, flexibility, using your hands, strength, quickness, toughness, meanness, nastiness. It's the most important position on a field, and you better be, have all those characteristics to be a great ol'e lineman.

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