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5 Qualities College Recruiters Want in a Kicker / Punter

Learn five qualities college football recruiters look for in a high school kicker / punter in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, important positions on the field are the specialists, right. Now, we make fun of them, and half the practice they're in watching soap operas or whatever the heck they do. But they're so valuable. I work a lot with a young guy called Chris Sailer, Chris Sailer Kicking, and Chris Rubio's his long snapping coach. The things that they can teach a kicker and a punter and a long snapper are really more than just kicking. There are some great techniques to it.

But I would say this. You're a kicker, OK. I think some of the most important parts of that is your physical strength, your understanding of your plant foot. Get coached I guess is the best thing to say about specialists. Because most high school coaches don't know enough about it to coach it. That's one of the positions I think more than anything has to have a third party involved like a Chris Sailer or Chris Rubio.

Now, I can see what a good long snapper looks like. I can see that his whole body he's got following through to the punter. His hands are shooting out. I understand that. I understand that the punter has great leg strength. I can see the hang time. I can see the kicker, the ball jumping off his feet. Those things college coaches look for.

But to be a great kicker, punter, long snapper it's about technique. That will sustain you. Know that college coaches know about as much as high school coaches when it comes to those positions. I would get some help. Be technically sound so that your leg strength, your athleticism, your power, and all those other things will be a plus and help you last a long time in college football and beyond.

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