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5 Qualities College Recruiters Want in a Tight End

Learn five qualities college football recruiters look for in a high school tight end in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, there's a lot of offenses that don't use a position that's
called the tight end, and I love the tight end. Okay. Now these days, tight
ends can also play fullbacks, H-backs. So the tight end has become an
hybrid, I guess, of the receiver, offensive line.

So to be the tight end, what you got to have is the ability to block.
You better be able to block, or you're just going to be considered an
H-back. They're not going to think you're tough enough to play the
position. Right? Be able to knock the guy off the ball or at least stay in
front of him, move your feet, and compete.

You've got to be able to run routes as a tight end. You're a wide receiver when you're out in space. Be able to stick your foot in the ground and run that in, or run that curl, or hook, or the different routes, that seam route. Right? Understand how zones are trying to cover you and get in the hole of that zone.

So you got to be an offensive lineman and a wide receiver mixed into one. And I think the tight end has got to be the best athlete on the field in
many cases, right? Work on blocking. Work on toughness. Work on that,
those skills to pass block and run block, and work on catching the ball.
And never use your body, guys. As a tight end, prove that you can catch the
ball away from your body. Be an athlete.

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