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9 Qualties College Recruiters Want in a Corner Back & Safety

Learn nine qualities college football recruiters look for in a high school corner back and safety in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


The back end - the last line of defense, the defensive backs. The
corner back, to me, is an interesting position because so many people
think you just line up, you're quick, you go up there, you press
coverage. The corner back position is the most technique driven
position there is on the field, maybe. You have to understand about how
to use your feet and have your butt, sink your butt, and how to be able
to flip those hips and get into transition and know what a wide receiver
is going to try to do to you by his alignment. There's so many things
to learn as a corner that we don't think of, that we just think we line
up and we're tough and we can cover and I see so many defensive backs
just go out there and hold. That's not being a corner back. When I'm
watching a corner back, I want great feet. I want him to be able to
bend his knees and sink his hips and flip those dang hips, open that
transition from back pedal to turn and run. Then, understanding the
game is important for a corner. Get to the point where you have that
leverage. You know that that receiver, when he's running a crossing
route, that you can get in his hip pocket. Stay a little bit underneath
him, so that when he does break upfield - BOOM - you're right there with
him. If he's running a go route, or something, that you're in that hip
pocket and you can use that sideline to press him. Playing corner is a
technique position but you got to be quick, great feet, great
flexibility and great hips and all that stuff. Then, you have to have
amnesia because you can't remember the time you got beat just before.
Now, the safety, the hybrid, part linebacker, part corner. For me, the
safety, the best safeties I've seen are guys that understand the game
and have the ability to read when the ball is being run and and when
there is a pass. Inside out guys are safeties. When you're playing
that strong a free safety and you're inside the hash and - BOOM - you
see that ball going outside the hash, you don't pursue straight to the
line of scrimmage and then turn right or left. You - BOOM - you take
that angle, that pursuit angle, inside out, and attack the ball with
your head and front of the ball across the ballcarrier. Those are
important things to know and then those safeties got to also be able to
cover. You've got to have great feet. You've got to have the instincts
too. You have to have ball skills so that you understand that a ball is
in flight. You can break on that ball and make a play. You better be a
smart, athletic, tough physical football player to play safety.


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