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College Football Recruitment w/ Coach Randy Taylor

Learn about Coach Randy Taylor, one of Howcast's experts in college football recruiting and scouting, in this video.


Hi my name is Randy Taylor. They call me Coach Taylor. I work for NCSA Athletic Recruiting. I have the great opportunity to be able to evaluate players from all over the country in football to help college coaches.

The other thing I get to do is talk to parents and athletes about the recruiting process. I do a lot of education preparation and instruction for families to know how to work through their process.

Go to, where you can find out everything you need to know about the recruiting process. You can go to my blog, "Ask Coach Taylor," and there's an opportunity for you to learn about how recruiting works and how you can be better at it.

It is a process. You have to learn it and that's what this company does and that's why I'm apart of it. It's all about taking care of the families and helping kids live their dreams. That's what NCSA's athletic recruiting does.

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