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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Minecraft bucket with this gameplay tutorial.


All right, this one's really easy. So to make a bucket, you're going to need three iron. And you put them in a triangle, and you got a bucket. Nice and easy. So, why don't we look at what we can do with buckets? Obviously, you can pick up water with buckets, and put it back, and you can pick up lava with buckets and put it back. You'll notice the difference here is, when I pick up this lava, it's going to start flowing this way but, when I pick up this water, it's just going to refill itself, and it's going to become another source block. So, if I dig this out, it'll start flowing that way, but if I fill it back in, we still have four source blocks. This is a good way to have unlimited water.

Unfortunately, you can't have unlimited lava anymore. You'll see once I drop this here, it's going to start flowing, but I can't pick it up. And another thing that you can do is pick up water and pour it over lava, and pick that water right back up. And you're going to see you get obsidian on the source block, cobblestone on the moving blocks. And let's see if we put water down here, put lava there, come on, come on lava, move it. If we put lava here, once it starts moving, you'll hear a nice sound, and you get smooth stone. So, when water hits lava, you get cobblestone or obsidian, and when lava hits water, you're going to get smooth stone. And that's it for buckets.

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