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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a Pickaxe in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Minecraft pickaxe with this gameplay tutorial. Learn the pickaxe recipe, and how a pickaxe works in Minecraft survival mode.


Now let's make a pick-axe, the most basic tool in Minecraft. First up, of course, is going to be the recipe, and that's going to be two sticks with three on top. And that three can be whatever you have access to, wooden planks, cobblestone, iron, gold, or diamonds. Once you have that, you need to figure out the difference between all those. Wood is obviously the weakest thing. That's only for when you're just starting out. Stone is a little better, and then iron is going to be your basic go-to material, because it's pretty common, pretty easy to come by. It's the sort of medium range of durability and speed.

Gold is actually the fastest to mine, but it's not good for mining ore's and obsidian, and things like that. Diamond is going to be quick on these things, but not quite as fast as gold with just cobblestone and whatnot. The only thing about gold is that it gets degraded very quickly, as you can see in the icon there. That bar is going down very quickly, gets damaged but diamond lasts pretty much for a really long time. I think it's over a thousand uses. So that's the basic differences between all three pick-axes.

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