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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make an Axe in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Minecraft axe with this gameplay tutorial. Learn the axe recipe, and how a axe works in Minecraft survival mode.


Okay axes let's cover this real quick. Nice and easy, it's sticks, split them with right-click, and then you need a tool item. Let's use stone here and you place it in three and you got an axe.

Okay, now that that's done take my stuff back, let's talk about what these axes can do. So here I've got one of each and wood is obviously the first one. That's the slowest one, and that's the least durable. And each one's going to be a little bit faster. This is iron and then gold is pretty rare but you can see it chops really quickly but it's not going to last very long. And then diamond is obviously the best.

It's going to last really long and it's going to chop very fast. You'll probably end up using iron most of the time. Pretty much for ... the same for every tool. In case you don't know how to mine ore, you're going to go mining with a pick axe and once you get some ore you're going to drop it into a furnace and then you can burn it and you can use ... you can do anything basically. You can use wood or sticks. Let's use a stick.

That sticks going to burn but coal is going to be your main source of fuel. The stick doesn't even have enough to do one ore, but that's basically all you need to know.

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