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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make Armor in Minecraft

Learn how to make Minecraft armor with this gameplay tutorial.


Hey look, this is armor so lets make some armor. Naturally, as everyone knows you need some armor to protect yourself and to make it you'll need 24 of any of these materials: leather, iron, gold or diamond. So, we'll go with one of each. First is the helmet and boom helmet, iron. Next is the most expensive piece which is the chest plate. Gold we will use to make some boots. And, finally, pantaloons with diamonds. So right now I have all diamond armor but we can put this on. No, that doesn't go. Okay, we'll do it the old fashioned way. And we end up with this silly little outfit.

But so as you can see that's not going to max out my armor here but if I go back to all diamond it will give me 10 armor points and each armor point is going to do an 8% reduction in damage so if I get hit with a sword or a zombie or an arrow or whatever, that will reduce it by 8% for each point and then with 10 points it's going to reduce it by 80%. The only thing is if I jump off a chair I'm going to get hurt and you see my armor doesn't do anything for me. And then if I jump to this lava I'm going to get set on fire and that's going to hurt me. And if I was to go down further and start drowning this would also kill me regardless of my armor. And then also if I get poisoned but other than that it's going to pretty much reduce all the damage that you take so there you go. That's armor and why you should use it.

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