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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Minecraft Sword with this gameplay tutorial.


So we need to defend ourselves, so let's make a sword. Recipe for a sword is one stick at the bottom, and then two tool elements on top. So you're going to go one or two. Those are iron ingots, and you don't need that. So let's go play with swords. Right now I've got one of each here. And we've got the easiest one, the easiest to get one is wood. And wood, you're going to see is the weakest. So I've got to hit him twice, stone a little stronger, a little more durable. Iron, also more durable. And this is going to be your most basic one is with all tools.

Gold is actually not a good material for a sword. It's only going to last for about, I think, eight kills or something. So you don't want to use that. You can see the durability is like halfway down. And then, of course, diamond is going to be the best one. And that one just kills real quick, one shot each, well not one shot, but you get the idea. So that's swords.

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