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Minecraft 1.1 Update changes

Check out the new Minecraft 1.1 update changes in this update video from HowcastGaming!


Minecraft 1.1 has just been released, and I'm going to go over a couple of the things in the update, some bug fixes and all that stuff, and some new features too. So on your first page here, there's going to be this little button, and you have language options now. So you can see all this kind of cool stuff, and they included some dumb stuff like pirate language.

So in the Create a New World menu, give it a simple name here, you can go to More World options and change the World Type to Super Flat. And that's going to create, as it says, a super flat world. So now you don't have to bother doing a level editor and doing thousands of chunks. So you got a nice, flat world to build on. But let's get out of here and look at some other stuff.

Okay. Next on our list of minor changes . . . get out of here . . . is red stone now works with fence gates, so you can treat it like a door and put treasures right there. And you can punch pigs. Get out of here. Another thing that's changed is now leaves have a slight chance, about one in 200, to drop an apple. So if you're ever hungry, just punch 200 or so leaves and maybe you'll get an apple, or maybe you won't, and you'll die while you're doing it.

So here I made a little baby pig. If you don't know, while you're holding wheat, animals will follow you around, but you have to get them to look at you first, and once they do . . . I think they're going to look at their stupid . . . oh, here we go. So they're going to follow me. No. Anyway, they should follow you most of the time if they look at you. Let's try these pigs. And they increased the range of that to about . . . there we go . . . to about something like eight to ten blocks. So now it's easier to get animals to follow you and trap them and do whatever you want.

Another very useful change is that you can now enchant bows, finally. Drop them in, same as anything else, and they have four unique enchantments that only apply to bows. I'll go into more detail about the unique bow enchantments in another video. So if you're familiar with golden apples, you know they're really handy when you're in dangerous areas. And you eat them, and it restores your health, your hunger, and gives you health regeneration for four seconds. And now you can craft them with some gold nuggets.

So what you need is just put an apple into your crafting window, and surround it with gold nuggets, and now you have a golden apple. And there you go. Eat that guy up. And they modified it so it doesn't last as long now. It's only going to give you health regeneration for about four seconds, but it is much easier to make now, so it's a pretty fair trade off.

So that's the basics of the 1.1 update. If you want to find more information about that stuff, check out our Minecraft tutorial playlist.

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