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Minecraft Tutorial: How to enchant bows in Minecraft

Learn how to enchant your Minecraft bows with this gameplay tutorial


So, now that 1.1 is out, we can finally enchant our bows. So, just drop it in like anything else, pick the number that you want, and there you go, enchanted bow. I've got a bunch here, and you can see there's only four enchanteds that work with bows. There's Damage, Punch, Fire, and Infinity. Damage has five levels. Fire and Infinity both have one. Punch has two.

So, I think this is my best bow. So, let's see what it does. This has Damage 5 and Fire 1. Oh, I missed. And that's pretty much gonna kill a pig or a mob every time. And we get some nice cooked pork chops, as you can see. So, even though the arrows are on fire, you can still pick them up except if you have Infinity. You'll see that doesn't work. So, no multiplying arrows infinitely. So this one has Punch two, as you can see. It'll knock back pigs really far with that one. And that's pretty much it. Bows are nice and simple. So, go have fun enchanting your bows.

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