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Minecraft Tutorial: How to repair tools in Minecraft

Learn how to repair your Minecraft weapons and tools with this gameplay tutorial.


Okay, so let's talk about how to repair items. As you can see, I have two broken items here, well, not broken but damaged. I have my two golden pick axes I'll be using, and here we go. This is the extremely complicated way to repair your items. That's it. You put them together and then they're done, they're repaired.

So, something you should know is when you repair two items, they're going to actually get a little boost, so they'll have a couple extra uses on them. Rather than, say one has 10 uses, the other has 10 uses, you'll actually end up with more than 20 uses, depending on the material.

Also, as you can see, I have a bunch of enchanted bows here. They're not very damaged but enough for our purposes. So, when I repair them, you'll see they turn into a regular bow. So, anything with an enchantment on it cannot be repaired. It can be repaired into a regular bow or a regular tool or whatever, but you will not have that enchantment anymore. So that's how you repair tools.

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