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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a golden apple in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Minecraft golden apple with this gameplay tutorial.


Okay, so I'm in my fancy 1.1 world to show you how to make a Golden Apple in 1.1. So if you have a Red Apple which are kind of hard to find, you can surround it in your crafting window with Gold Nuggets, and there you have a Golden Apple. So I can just drop this down here. And if you don't know, Golden Apples are pretty useful. So you can eat one, and it's going to fill up two Hunger Bars. And it's going to let you help regenerate for four seconds, no matter how much hunger you have. So you see it's all done there. And you can stack up 64 in one stack. So this is more convenient than a regeneration potion because you can only have one potion per stack.

As for finding Apples and, well, Gold Nuggets are pretty self-explanatory. You just find a Gold Ingot and break it down. As for finding Red Apples, you can find them in dungeons, and you can also find Gold Apples sometimes in dungeons, if you're lucky. And now you can find Red Apples from trees, except the only problem is they only drop, they have about a 1 in 200 chance of dropping. So you have to cut down a whole lot of trees before you find any Apples. So I'm going to give it a shot, but I don't think I'm going to find any. Okay, so it looks like no luck for me as far as Apples are concerned. But just keep in mind, when you're chopping down trees as the leaves decay, it's not just going to be saplings, at least, if you're lucky. So keep an eye out for Red Apples.

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