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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a Brewing Stand and Potions in Minecraft

Learn how to make Minecraft Potions with a Brewing Stand with this gameplay tutorial.


All right. The time has finally come. Let's talk about brewing stands, and make some potions. First we're going to need a stand. So that's three cobblestone, followed by one blaze rod in the middle. So you need to get those from blazes in the nether, and they're going to be only by strongholds, so have fun looking for one. So when you open up the brewing stand there will be three slots. You need water bottles, which are easily made by making some glass bottles and filling them up with water. So drop the water bottles into the slots. Well, you can just use one.

And the first thing you're ever going to need is nether wart. Boom. There you go. Nether wart turns water bottles into awkward potions. So awkward potions are the base for everything. You're going to need an awkward potion to make any other kind of potion. So I'm not going to get into the details of all the different potions. I'm going to do that in a separate video, but now you know the basics of how to make a brewing stand, and how to start brewing potions.

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