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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a Fence and Fence Gate in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Minecraft Fence and Fence Gate with this gameplay tutorial.


Okay, let's talk fences. So here's the recipe for a fence. Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick. There we go, I got two fences for us. And while we're here I'll show you how to do a fence gate as well. So it's going to be stick, stick, stick, stick, and then two wooden planks in the middle. And there you have a fence gate that opens and closes.

So, when you put down a fence, it's going to be a pole like this. Just like that. And then when you put down a fence next to something, it'll connect to whatever is next to it. And it can connect to anything. So, let's see. You have fences like that.

And as you can see, I've trapped this pig in a fence here. And let's take out one pole. And then we can replace that with our...No, go, get back inside! And then we can put our fence gate there and now he can't get out.

Something you should know about fences is, even thought they are one block high, their collision box is one and a half blocks high, so that's why you can't jump over them. And mobs can't jump over them. It's a good way to keep creepers out of your base. So if your base is well lit, you can surround it with fences, so that creepers and mobs that have spawned elsewhere wont be able to get in. And you can right click on this just like a door.

And now in 1.1...actually I'll demonstrate. They work with red stone like doors do. So here I can put two wooden planks and make a pressure point. And drop that right in front, and it open and closes the door.

So that's pretty much all there is to fences, they're pretty straight forward.

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