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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Find Slimes in Minecraft

Learn how to find Slimes in Minecraft with this gameplay tutorial.


Now, let's talk about how to find slimes. These are slimes, if you haven't seen them. Let's see if we can get a big one. There we go. So as you can see, they come in all different sizes, and this is the noise that they make. So this noise is important because when you;re underground looking for slimes, you want to listen for that noise so that you know if you're having any success.

So as you can see though, hop around and when you punch them or hit them with a sword they will break up into smaller slimes, and the smaller the slimes are, the less dangerous they are. So when you finally get it down to a tiny size, they'll drop slime balls which you can use to make sticky pistons and some other things. So to actually find slimes, you need to be on any level below number 40. So they'll spawn anywhere between 1 and 40, and they can spawn in the dark or in the light. And if you hit F3 where it says Y24, that's the level. So you'll see if I go down a little bit, it goes down. And to find them, you basically find them the same way you would find iron or diamonds. You basically carve out tunnels and just explore for areas, and eventually you hopefully will get lucky and find a cavern like this, and find some slimes spawning in there.

So if you aren't lucky enough to find a cavern, you can do this kind of time consuming way of finding them, which is to just make a two high room, a two block high room, and keep going until some slimes spawn, until you find some slimes. You may have to dig out the room and come back for them to spawn. But make sure you keep it well lighted, otherwise you're just going to make a big room filled with monsters. Like I said, slimes can spawn in the light, and the bigger you make the room, the better chance you have of getting slimes to spawn. If you don't get any slimes to spawn, then you could have been just unlucky and you need to keep expanding it because they can only spawn in certain areas of the map.

So that's how to find slimes in Minecraft. Sorry I didn't get lucky enough to come across any, but if you keep at it, hopefully, you will.

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