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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Use Creative Mode in Minecraft

Learn how to use Creative Mode in Minecraft with this gameplay tutorial.


Let's go over some of the things you can do in Minecraft Creative Mode. Hit Single Player, create a new world. Set it to Creative. Okay, so here we are in our Creative World, just a regular world like anything else. And you see I have a bunch of blocks down in my hotbar here. So when I press E to open up the inventory, I'm going to have, basically every block that you can get in the game plus a bunch of things that you can't get in regular Survival Mode, like sponge. I'll look at that later. But basically the best thing that you can do is double tap the Space Bar to jump, and when you double tap it, whoops, you will fly and you hold Space to fly up and you hold Shift to go down. So you can fly around, and that's probably the most convenient feature of Creative Mode.

Of course, in Creative Mode you can also break blocks with one punch, and you have unlimited blocks of anything that's in your hotbar. So another thing you can do with Creative Mode is you can play with these spawn eggs. So you can get spawn eggs for basically anything you want, even villagers. So you can spawn whatever you want. So there you go, those are the basics of Creative Mode. Hope you have fun.

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