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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Use Camera Modes in Minecraft

Learn how to look at yourself in third person and how to smooth your mouse movement in Minecraft with this gameplay tutorial.


So I'm hanging out on top of this tree to show you some camera controls in Minecraft. So here we have the normal first person view. You hit F5, and you get third person view. So you can place some blocks or whatever. Hit F5 again. You have a reverse third person view, which is a little weirder to control. So it's not really functional to play the game like this.

But anyway hit F5 again to go back to first person view. And then the one more camera control is F8, and that will turn on mouse smoothing, so your camera will be a lot smoother. And if you want to record things or whatever, record some more cinematic stuff, you can do that., and the camera's going to have this kind of weird inertia. So it's going to go slow when it starts, and then it's not going to stop right away when you stop moving your mouse. And that'll give you some nice, smooth movements so you can make your exciting Minecraft videos.

So these are only the camera controls that are in the vanilla version of Minecraft. There are mods and other things you can do, but if you are just sticking to the vanilla version, these are the camera controls you can use. And also note if you're on a Mac, you need to hold the FN key and then hit the F key for it to work. Otherwise, you'll just open your doc or whatever.

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