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What Is Permanent Hair Removal?

Learn about permanent hair removal from Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of New York City) Cindy Barshop in this Howcast video.


So the newest thing out there is the permanent hair removal. Is it IPL, intense pulse light or laser light? Both work very well. So everybody asks me, "What is it like?" Actually it is just a beam of light going over the top layer of your skin and it kills the follicle from underneath. It takes about two weeks to fall out.

"How many treatments do I need?" Everybody is different. It's minimum of six treatments until you get about 80 percent clearance and then some people need touch-ups. You have to understand when you deal with the human body, everybody is not exactly the same. So I always tell people go to a place where they are very comfortable. Make sure they are experts in their field. You know. You're not going to get your nails done at a hair salon, so go to the experts.

The next most important thing, "Does it hurt?" That's the biggest question. It does not tickle but it is less than a wax. So and each time you go there's less and less hair there so it gets finer and finer. The other thing with the permanent hair removal, it's great because it gets rid of all of your ingrown hairs.

"When do I do permanent hair removal and when do I do waxing?" because it definitely is more expensive. In the long run it's not but right now the up-front cost is more expensive. So do it if it affects your everyday life. That's when I say to invest in something like that.

The other big question is, "Where can I do it?" You can do it anywhere on your body; bikini, under arms, legs, I mean anywhere!

A lot of people ask about permanent hair reduction but they also make the comparison to electrolysis. Let me just explain the difference. Electrolysis is a very old method to do a permanent hair reduction. It's actually taking the follicle, one hair at a time, and it removes it with a little type of little shock. So it's what we call invasive. Permanent hair reduction with a laser and IPL is non-invasive; it is over the top layer of the skin. The point being to stay with the laser. The electrolysis is only good for if you happen to have like one gray hair.

Do a little bit of due diligence. Take a look at a couple of places. You should call up and make sure that they're the experts in the field. How long have they been in business? Do they have more than one laser? There's different lasers for darker skin and lighter skin. This is the way it shows you that they are in the business of hair removal. The other part, I say is go and get a complimentary consultation and test patch. Once you are in there and talking to them you'll see who's the professional over there.

The other thing is obviously, make sure it is clean. Never go just based on price. I mean, we don't do anything else just based on price, getting our hair cut. Everyone is using a scissor, why does it come out different? It is the same thing with laser hair removal.

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