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How to Remove Nose Hair

Learn how to remove nose hair from Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of New York City) Cindy Barshop in this Howcast video.


The other big question I always get is, "How do I remove nose hair?" Now let's take a look at this. Everybody look into the mirror and make sure that you don't have any nose hair from any angle. That's the biggest thing. Some people think they don't have it, and they do. You can be a man or a woman, so just go to the mirror, and do every angle.

What do you use? There's nose hair trimmers that are actually rounded, and then there are some that you actually go like this, and you just go around the edge. Obviously, don't go too far in. The other thing I like about this one is that I could use the flat edge on other parts of the body, too. If you have it on the ears, or I actually do it a little bit around my hairline. But you can get it in any drugstore.

So the other ways people have asked me if they could remove nose hairs plucking. I absolutely don't suggest that. One, it's very painful to do it that way. You could also cause a lot of irritation, and there's a little bit too much bacteria in the nostril area to do that.

When you trim your hair, even the nose hair, it does not grow back thicker.

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