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What Precautions Should You Take before a Laser Treatment?

Learn precautions to take before a laser treatment from Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of NYC) Cindy Barshop in this Howcast video.


Okay. Precautions or cautions for laser hair removal. There's a couple of things that we have to make sure that we do. What's coming into our body? The first thing, no really strong type of antibiotic. Make sure you're not taking any Accutane. Also I would say, you know, make sure that you're feeling well. Because if you're sick, there's all the hormones in your body are a little bit off. The other thing you should be cautious of, where you're going to get this done. Make sure that you're going to the most professional place. That they're an expert. I would always go in, try to get a complimentary consultation, which they should do, and a test patch. What to look for? We went through that on one of the other tapes. Make sure that they have more than one machine. That's it's clean, the area. That this is what they do as their main service. The other precaution that we should take, when it comes to tanning, whether it be a self tanner, or a tan from the beach, you should wait at least a week before you get your laser treatment.

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