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How to Prepare Your Skin for Waxing

Learn how to prepare your skin for waxing from Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of New York City) Cindy Barshop in this Howcast video.


Preparing to get waxed, there are some basic things that you want to do. Exfoliate the area that you're going to wax. If it's the bikini, the legs, the arms, some larger body parts, I usually take a shower beforehand and make sure it's exfoliated, especially if I'm going to the spa.

Another thing I make sure of is that I don't have a fresh tan or that I wasn't just spray tanned. When it comes to the face, I try to make sure that I'm a little more prepared on that part. Be sure that you're not on any glycolics, Retin-A's, Renovas, and absolutely no Accutane. If you do take any of those types of exfoliants for the face, I would say, wait about a week before you do any type of waxing. After you've waxed, always, always, always put a sunblock on the skin, especially when it's on the face, because you've exfoliated the layers of the skin.

If you're going for a place, don't go with makeup on there, because you want to wash it off yourself beforehand. Make sure your face is nice and clean. Also, if you're used to wearing tight clothing and it's hot out, use some type of loose cotton so that the skin can breathe. A lot of people ask if you can work out afterwards. I always say, for me it was fine. If you happen to have very sensitive skin, I wouldn't do it.

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