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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 36 - Chapter 5

Check out part 36 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Ostegoth: Ah, the Pale Rider. Isn't it odd that so many have come here by your hand? And yet you so rarely visit the Dead Kingdom.

Death: I had no plan to visit this wretched place. I sought the Tree of Life. I found it. Now I'm here.

Ostegoth: The tree is no destination my friend, only a portal to other worlds. If the tree is what you seek, then you have arrived.

Death: Then I have been betrayed.

Ostegoth: Not so hasty. The tree is wise beyond imagining. If it brought you, then here is where you belong. Perhaps I can help.

Death: I doubt it.

Ostegoth: You would be wise to heed me. I have a merchants skill to grant your deepest desire. Tell me rider, what do you seek?

Death: I would redeem my brother. Restore the balance.

Ostegoth: Yes! I have heard the tale. Your brother rode, though no call was given, and mankind paid the price.

Death: Guard your tongue, Merchant.

Ostegoth: I give no judgement friend, only pass on that which I have been told. You were right to seek the tree, but it is only the gateway. What you seek is the Well of Souls.

Death: The Well of Souls can restore humanity?

Ostegoth: And more! The Well channels the dead into this kingdom from every world, above and below. It is also how souls are brought back into creation when they are ready to be reborn.

Death: You still haven't said what you are.

Ostegoth: The history of my people was burned to ash, along with our world. Forgotten even by those who destroyed them. Now only the smoke remains. We were not the first, nor will we be the last. It is the way of things.

Death: The way of things is balance.

Ostegoth: And what balance is life? Nothingness. Or corruption. Eventually it consumes us all.

Death: So it would seem. None of this explains what you're doing here.

Ostegoth: I am merely a humble merchant with a taste for the finer things! In life, and in death. I am Ostegoth, and it would amuse me to offer you my wares.

Death: Tree of Life. Tree of Death? Portals to other worlds? I know none of this. How is I have remained so blind or does your tongue only spit lies?

Ostegoth: Much was kept from the nephilim and from the four.

Death: Why?

Ostegoth: Because power must be tempered with ignorance. If the nephilim knew the true nature of the tree, all would have perished.

Death: I forsook the nephilim, became a warrior for the balance, even killed my own people. I protect these worlds, you and the tree. Yet still I remain in the dark.

Ostegoth: Forsaken, yes. Forgotten, no. The nephililm live on in you. But what do I know? I am but a simple merchant.

Death: What if I wish to return to the Forge Lands?

Ostegoth: The Tree of Life has many portals, Rider. Some may help you retrace your path. Many portals are closed but the one to the Forge Lands remains open.

Death: Pretend that I believe you. Where should my search begin?

Ostegoth: You must scale the Serpents Peak and summon the Eternal Throne. There the Lord of Bones slumbers. He will guide you to the Well. Or he will have your soul. Before you go, Horseman, consider this. My people may be lost but their relics yet remain. You may come across them in your travels. They are worthless to most but valuable to me. Return them, and I will trade relic for coin.

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