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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 34 - Chapter 4

Check out part 34 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Karn: After you.

Death: Go. You must place the stone into the Guardian.

Karn: We've seen its work, Horseman. Corruption fair weeps from it.

Death: The other two heart stones were pure. I'm wagering that their radiance will cleanse the third.

Karn: Mayhaps.

Death: Karn, the greater risk is to do nothing.

Karn: Aye. The corruption has burned off like rain on a hot forge! You were right!

Death: I was wrong! Dust, what do you see?

Guardian: So the time has come. Wake up, little one. There is work to do.

Chancellor: No, this can't be. The stone bastard!

Tell me where to find the guardian.

Chancellor: Head to the plains outside the city. And hurry, Eideard is waiting for you both.

Horseman: No!

Elder Eideard: Maker's bones, that hurt! He's beyond my help, Horseman. Do your worst.

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