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Skyrim Tip - How to Join the Mage Guild

Learn how to join the Mages Guild in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this hot tip for the open world role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.


Kibell: Traveling in the Reach is dangerous. You need a good...City of Mark...Where do you want to go? Climb in back and we'll be off.

Birna:...and you're not bringing home any.

Rommir: And you'd have me do what, join the College...

Winterhold Guard: By the gods! What manner of power is that?

Faralda: Cross the bridge at your own peril! The way is dangerous, and the gate will not open. You shall not gain entry! I am here to assist those seeking the wisdom of the College. And if, in the process, my presence helps to deter those who might seek to do harm, so be it. The more important question is, why are you here? Perhaps. But what is it you expect to find within? Do you? it is true there are some here who have spent years studying the accumulated knowledge of the scrolls.

Never should have come here. All right then. Not just anyone is allowed inside. Those wishing to enter must show some degree of skill with magic. A small test, if you will. No. I'm afraid I don't know anything of the sort. Excellent. The Flame Atronach is a vital companion for anyone relying on Conjuration. Summoning one here would cartainly show your skill. I look forward to it.

Winterhold's glory days may lie behind it, but the College lives on. Well done indeed. I think you'll be a superb addition to the College. Welcome, Apprentice. I'll lead you across the bridge. Once you're inside you'll want to speak with Mirabell Ervine, our Master Wizard. Please follow me.

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