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Skyrim Tip - How to Join the Imperial Legion

Join the empire in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this hot tip for the open world action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.


Solitude Guard: The guards have...

Imperial Soldier: What do you need?

Rikke: I'm telling you, Ulfric's planning an attack on Whiterun. You survived Helgen? General Tullius told me what happened. Not many people made it out alive. I've got a good feeling about you. And I don't often get food feelings about anything. A warrior knows to trust her gut. I'm not going to go through the normal process with you. I've got a little test lined up. Pass that, and we'll talk about you joining the Legion.

Is that confidence, or bravado? Confidence I can use. Bravado gets soldiers killed. We'll soon find out. I'm sending you to clear our Fort Hraggstad. If you survive, you'll pass. If you die, then I'll have no further use for your corpse.

The ancients built many of the fortresses that dot the landscape of Skyrim. Sadly, most have fallen into disrepair. And nearly all have been overrun with bandits or other vagabonds. Fort Hraggstad is one of the few that remains mostly in tact. We're going to install a garrison there, but first, you're going to clean out the bandits that have moved in. Good, that's what I want to hear. Now go make it happen, soldier.

Tullius: He'd be insane to try, he doesn't have the men.

Rikke: That's not what my scouts report, sir. Every day...

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