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How to Pick a Road Bike

Learn how to pick a road bike from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


So, when you decide to look for a new bike and you're looking for a bike to get into competitive cycling, there's a number of options of things you want to look at for different bikes you want to buy.

Bikes are going to be made out of a number of different materials. They're going to made of steel, aluminum, carbon, titanium. All these can work very well for bike racing. the majority of the bikes you're going to encounter are going to be aluminum or carbon.

In addition to that, the second most important thing to look at on a bike is the component group. Most groups are going to come with a ten speed group. I highly recommend purchasing a bike that has ten speeds. And when I mean ten speeds, you have ten options in the back. Ten different gears in the back. This bike has two in the front, giving me a total of 20 speeds. Most bikes now are 20 speed bikes, or otherwise, like these ten speed bikes.

So the bike we have in front of me is a Canondale Cad 10. It's considered the epitome of a ten speed bike. This is a 2011 version. It's a full aluminum frame with a full carbon fiber fork. The bike is incredibly light, very, very stiff, yet rather comfortable. It's a bike that a lot of bike racers choose as a bike to race in [indecipherable 00:01:33]. As a bike to ride in road races. It's a bike that suits a ton of applications. And it's one of our best sellers.

If you're not into competitive cycling, this is a fantastic option. It's another Cannondale. It's called the Cannondale Synapse. This bike is designed more for long endurance recreational rides. This is designed for you to feel really comfortable for a long period of time. You could ride 50, 70, 100 miles plus on this bike. And it's designed for you to not feel the vibrations of the road. You're going to be a little bit higher on the handlebars. You're not going to be bent over as much. The bike is designed to absorb as much of road vibrations coming from the seat stays and chains. And this bike is also aluminum, but it's considered a really, really comfortable, yet fast ride.

So as you can see, there's a number of different bikes you can choose from depending on what sort of riding style you're looking for. If you're looking for a race bike. If you're looking for a long recreational bike. There's a ton of different applications. You also have a lot of different choices in regard to components as well.

I recommend going into your local bike shop, talking to your salesman, and taking as many out for a test ride as possible, figuring out which fits you the best.

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