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How to Ride a Bike in a Paceline

Learn how to ride a bike in a paceline from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


So the most basic way of riding in a group is a straight pace line, single-file. You're going to be riding right behind the person. You're going to be about six to twelve inches behind the person's rear wheel. And you're going to feel a substantial draft from that person. That is riding in a pace line. That is the core of learning how to ride in a group. So when you decide to ride in a pace line, you're going to find yourself in single-file. One person is going to be at the front; they're going to be expending the most energy, pushing the wind. And then you're going to be finding a number of people riding right behind them , enjoying or benefiting from the draft that this person in front is using. This is a key critical part of any sort of competitive cycling: providing a draft, and benefiting from the draft. Being comfortable with your bike handling skills, being comfortable being within six to twelve inches of another cyclist's wheel is the most important thing for a beginning to pace line. You do not want to be grabbing your brakes. You want to be coasting. You don't want to have any abrupt stops or quick accelerations. It's, the idea is all very smooth, smooth smooth speed. You're going to be trying to hold the same speed the entire time. And that's what you need to know before you start riding in a pace line.

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